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Joseph Haydn

Six Keyboard Works

Played on Historic Fortepianos by Richard Lester

NI 5847 DDD
Total Playing Time 74 mins 23 secs
UPC: 0710357584725

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Joseph Haydn Discography Press Reviews

In keeping with the implicit brief which Lester has set himself for this recording, the qualities of elegance, self-confidence, wry humor and technical (compositional) exuberance, often disguised by apparent simplicity or even ingenuousness, are all evident and wholly inspiring. Lester has a very deliberate and unambivalent style of playing. Neither dogmatic nor imposing; but supremely confident and full of vigor. There is a sense in which you are made to feel you are in the room with Lester (or Haydn!) and are hearing the music, if not for the first time, then hearing its nuances and subtleties afresh. This is quite an achievement.

A valuable contribution to the celebrations of the 200th year since Haydn’s death. But a fine addition to the Haydn discography at any time.

Classical Net USA

These performances are musically persuasive all the way through.

All Music Guide USA