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Harpsichord Music of Girolamo Frescobaldi
Volume 1

Richard Lester, Harpsichord

played on a harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Boni (c1619).

NI 5850 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 12 mins
UPC: 0710357585029

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Vol 1 Discography Press Reviews

A spirited and decisive interpretation that is truly to be recommended.

There is variety and freshness to the sequence of performances.

What’s more, by the end of the CD the listener feels a sense of occasion, of having moved through various changes in the composer’s musical conception, almost.

This is because Lester is so expert at conveying the architecture of these pieces because he embarks upon each one with a sense of adventure, full of expressiveness and novelty (in the best sense of that word).

On the evidence of this release – the others in the project are to be eagerly awaited.

Full review.. http://www.classical.net/music

Harpsichord Music of Girolamo Frescobaldi
Volume 2

Richard Lester, Harpsichord

played on a harpsichord by Giovanni Battista Boni (c1619).

NI 5861 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 8 mins
UPC: 0710357585029

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Vol 2 Discography Press Reviews

If you enjoyed the first CD, this second will exceed your expectations. Now to have available as accomplished a projected series of recordings as this is truly a treat. Here is a performance and recording enterprise that deserves landmark status of its own. Unhesitatingly recommended. For full review visit:- classical.net

Lester uses a wondrous G B Boni harpsichord of c 1619. The programme of Toccatas, Gagliardes and Partite is sequenced with the listener in mind, and gradually draws you into Frescobaldi’s world. Good essays by Lester on the historical background, the music in this volume and performance practices are supplied in this distinguished release.

Musical Pointers

Harpsichord Music of Girolamo Frescobaldi
Volume 3

Richard Lester, Harpsichord and Virginals

NI 5870 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 17 mins
UPC: 0710357587023

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Vol 3 Discography Press Reviews

This playing has an eloquence, vitality and freshness which blows centuries of metaphorical dust off a composer who has not been particularly served by past generations of keyboard players. The Toccatas are rooted in improvisation and it is that extemporaneous character which Lester most potently evokes in his marvellously free-flowing and coherently paced performances; as if he, too, is relishing the ideas as they come along and luxuriating in the music’s numerous byways and diversions.’ ….join the queue for the third and fourth discs when they appear. This is clearly going to be a series of great musical value as well as of highly enjoyable music-making from an authoritative and compelling advocate of this music.

Outstanding accolade

Marc Rochester International Record Review


The Toccatas make for an expressive contrast and perhaps include the finest music of all. Performance of Frescobaldi demands a free, improvisatory style of performance, of which Richard Lester is obviously a master. He plays a perfectly chosen harpsichord with a particularly attractive, warm sonority, not in the least ‘clattery’, with the sound perfectly focused in an ideal acoustic.

Penguin Guide to the Finest 1000 Classical Recordings 2011

Keyboard Works of Girolamo Frescobaldi
Volume 4

Richard Lester, Harpsichord and Organ

NI 5874 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 18 mins
UPC: 0710357587429

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Vol 4 Discography Press Reviews

… his interpretations have the twin quality of arousing sheer enjoyment in the listener and expressing every nuance which Frescobaldi intended … a veritable dialog with Frescobaldi.

Mark Sealey. Classical Net. See full report on Vol 3


With this new series Lester, with his consummate musicianship and carefully considered interpretations, is sure to add further evidence to Frescobaldi’s claim to be a key figure in the history of music.

Byzantion. MusicWeb International


The original instruments and Lester’s combination of rigorous scholarship, technical assurance and artistic insight easily merit the IRR Outstanding accolade.

Christopher Price International Record Review. September 2011

Works of Girolamo Frescobaldi
Volume 5

Richard Lester, Harpsichord and Organ. Schola Gregoriana del Duomo di Bergamo, Don Gilberto Sessantini.

Elizabeth Lester, Polly Armitage, Londa Ntotila.

NI 5887 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 17 mins

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Vol 5 Discography Press Reviews

…meticulously researched, delicately executed… illuminating, technically brilliant.

Mark Sealey. Classical Net


A much praised series of recordings with some first rate music making.

Classical Reviewer