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Richard Lester
Plays Mozart

The music on this CD written between 1777 and 1788 extols the virtues of the Viennese fortepiano during the early Classical period; qualities that influenced the flowering genius of Classical composers.

NI 5867 DDD
Total Playing Time 1 hour 2 mins
UPC: 0710357586729

£14.99 incl. P&P (UK)

Mozart Discography Press Reviews

Lester’s playing is full of life. It has a nice blend of the formal and tight with spontaneity and an outgoing feel. Just what these works need. Importantly, Lester’s technique (never obtrusive, for all the intricacies of certain passages) “pulls the music through the keyboard”, so to speak; and lets Mozart’s moments of joy, bewilderment, mischief, wistfulness and sheer exuberance present themselves at all times. He brings out the characteristics of both Mozart’s solo keyboard writing and the fortepiano in equal measure, because that is what Mozart wanted. Specifically, his playing feasts upon the lighter touch offered by the fortepiano, which allow its dynamics to reveal every detail of Mozart’s tracery. This intimacy of tone and delicacy of musical line are key aspects of this recital. Lester also manages successfully to play in such a way that the influence which the instrument’s characteristics exercised on the composers of the period in this case Mozart is paramount in our understanding of what they wrote as well as how they wrote it.

Mark Sealey. Classical Net.