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Richard Lester performs harpsichord music by Padre Antonio Soler, a Spanish monk inspired by the folk song and dance of his native land; a tradition that sowed the seeds of Flamenco. In this fascinating programme Richard Lester explores Iberian folk elements in Soler’s harpsichord music.

A Bolero, Polo, Flamenco song (cante) and the sensational Fandango, are vividly revealed through the medium of dance. Choreographed by Dame Marina Keet de Grut, the great authority on Spanish dance, versions of the Fandango are performed to the accompaniment of Soler’s music.

Dancers: Conchita del Campo, Franchesca Frölich, Paul Rooney and Ruan Crighton.

Harpsichord: Richard Lester Directed and choreographed by Dame Marina Keet.

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